Water Storage Crystals

These amazing pebble-sized superabsorbent polymer crystals mysteriously grow into huge pieces of gel-like material when you add water. In fact, these crystals absorb 150-300 times their weight in water! They're used in everything from baby diapers, gardening to environmental clean up materials.

Because of the unique composition of the gel product, it makes it possible to alter the water into a gel filling. It is even possible after filling to adjust the gel filling volume, with the gel filling this can be repeated to get the ideal stabilization.

It is also possible for the gel filling afterwards, to be softened in the gel mattress.

Dreamlover can provide a ready to use gel product, that is mixed with water during the filling of the waterbed. A similar product can be obtained from the gardening section of your local hardware. We strongly suggest the use of shock treatment conditioner when filling the bladders.

The gel filling is non-toxic and is demolished within an hour by applying simple kitchen salt; therefore, it is not necessary to have an expensive destabilizer.