Setting up 2500GC ensemble Top ( duet system )

STEP_1. The decking or platform is in place with rounded edge facing upward

STEP_2. Unpack the foam and place upside down.

STEP_3.Unpack and then unzip the top off the base component and place aside.

STEP_4. Place lower cover section over the base with zip start-stop usually to the head end.

STEP_5. Then turn the foam base and lower cover right side up

STEP_6. Place heater pad boards in place (remember that if you are assembling the bed top, positioning marking would be in place)

STEP_7. With scissors or knife make a incision into foam and lower cover for cord to exit

STEP_8. Unplug cord from control

STEP_9. Pass plug through incision and exit to the top of the bed and reconnect with heater control ( do not plug into 240v outlet yet )

STEP_10. Place liner over foam bath and drape evenly over the edge all around.

STEP_11. Double check the heater pad position on heater board in case of slipping when placing the liner.

STEP_12. Inflate bladder or bladders (duet) with a little air to preview positioning in foam bath. Duet bladders are marked LEFT and RIGHT as viewed from the foot of the bed

STEP_13. Align top corners of the bladders aproximately in the positions marked and top and bottom center overlap

STEP_14. The waterbed bladder excess will be tucked in under the protection edge near completion

STEP_15. Add waterbed conditioner starter concentrate solution

STEP_16. Start filling ( warm water ) a little on one side followed by a little on the other. Back and forth untill about half full

STEP_17. With the weight of the water holding the bladders in position, place the 'T' concave divider in position

STEP_18. By moving the lower duet bladders back a fraction and doing the same all along the length

STEP_19. Position divider under lip as shown in image

STEP_20. Fill to the level under the protection lip as shown

STEP_21. Move waterbed bladder around a little so as to dislodge any air pockets in the wave reducing baffles

STEP_22. Remove any excess air, the plug and cap bladder

STEP_23. Fold liner back over waterbed bladders as shown and crease fold in corners

STEP_24. Push under protection lip all the way around. Push excess bladder under 'T' divider.
A little tugging may be involved to remove creases in the bladder.

STEP_25. Zip on the top cover

STEP_26. Connect heaters to power outlet/s (as a average starting guide set temperature to about 28 degrees)