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Support on Water  Gal 9138

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Today's mattresses try to achieve what water does naturally! While in many cases someone purchases a inner spring or latex mattress there will be a foam collapse where the person lies and any support that you had will gradually go. The inner spring / latex industry in general does not cover foam collapse this under their warranties. People in general still imagine waterbeds being floppy un-controllable surfaces. Many have an opinion though few have tried one. Regular bed shops generally avoid them, as pocket sprung or foam beds is a much easier sale. Waterbeds have stayed the preserve of specialist retailers like us. Where as water in a waterbed will always be there for you! Water level does not collapse over time.

We had the case where he weighs 100kg and she weighs 45kg. Within a year she was ok but on his side the top had collapsed causing backaches and other problems.

Many regular bed shops who do have one or two waterbeds set up, normally have budget waterbeds on display so when potential customers dislike these budget waterbeds, it is easier for the salesperson to convert these potential customers to alternative bedding. The customer therefore is being mislead.

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