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Comfort Top Option  Gal 9197

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NEW RELEASE!!!! Another innovation from Dreamlover Waterbed World, advancing Australian waterbeds even further.

 Waterbed products have been static for far too long.

All new products use existing waterbed bladder dimensions so replacements down the track are easy as.

Dreamlover has now released the Dreamaster 2500 GC Deluxe Comfort Top.

This is a zip on/off 50mm (also available in 30mm and 40mm) Comfort Top that is unequaled.

With a simple wave reducing system our Dreamaster 2500 GC Comfort Top is simple a anything to set up.

Inquire today! Ring 1300 55 60 66 or text us on 0429 0429 13.

Comfort top for Waterbed


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