Available in all sizes

Easy to zip on-off top

Love your timber frame Waterbed?

Try this new product from Dreamlover.
A thick zip on-off dry cleanable quilted top to protect your existing or new waterbed mattress.
Your bed sheets stay tucked in lots longer.
A non slip surface make it easy for you to turn in bed.
You can select a performance mattress to suit you from our mattress section and with a Dreamlover quilted top make a very comfortable warm/cool bed.
Water does not collapse as water retains itís shape unlike a few innersprings so you are guaranteed to have the same support now as in ten years time - with the look of a innerspring, comfort of a waterbed at the fraction of the cost of a similar innerspring.
Donít forget that in many cases innerspring foam collapse is not covered under innerspring warranties. If you like it very firm, select a mattress in the TEP range of 2500 upwards in our mattress section and get that firm feel that you may be looking for with the warmth of a waterbed.

Another advantage of this product over a inner springs is the removal zip on-off top so dust mites and accidents can be removed.

Fran loves cats and fears that one day Georgie will get into the bedroom and play on the waterbed. Yes this happed twice and she then decided that the Dreamlover cover was the answer. Now Fran has peace of mind and so has Georgie

We all know about cats seeking comfort. You can do the same