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Wheelchair Waterbed  Gal 9150

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A Wheelchair Friendly Waterbed Project

What our client said:

We recently discussed buying a water bed more for medical reasons. Jawrge really knows his stuff. We ordered our new bed.
When it was delivered, Jawrge assembled it, the bed was exactly what we had asked for.
We didn't get any pushy "sales pitch" just honest and genuine service, someone who actually listened to the customer and delivered what we wanted.
We cannot recommend this shop highly enough.
Water Beds are not what they used to be, they are comfortable and really affordable.
Thank You Jawrge for helping us sleep.

John & Maggie at Kingaroy

"So what did we do images scroll down"
waterbed conversion stage 1 mattress and slats. The customer gave us measurements to fit the deck and pedestal 280mm to top of side rails
waterbed conversion stage 2 Securing internal side strips so deck can be later screwed to frame to stop any movement
waterbed conversion stage 3 Pedestal goes into frame and centralized
waterbed conversion stage 4 Deck goes in and is secured to frame
waterbed conversion stage 5 Foam bath and lower cover goes in. Note that the pink foam is a hard foam with little give. We modified the foam bath height form the usual medium density 200mm height foam bath to a 320mm height with high density foam sides for extra side support for John, so transfer is a lot easier from wheelchair to bed and vise versa. The total of 600mm was achieved because we could not raise the sides
waterbed conversion stage 6 Heaters go in for the twin bladder system
waterbed conversion stage 7 Twin/duet bladders are lined up ready for filling. Conditioner concentrate is added. As they were on tank water I suggested that an extra dose of nappy anti-bacterial be added as well before filling
waterbed conversion stage 8 All done!

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