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Foam Bath Quality  Gal 9210

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What is Inside the Softsider Waterbed?

There are 3 main categories of foam cradles/foam baths in waterbeds. This is the underlying foundation where the waterbed heater, safety liner and waterbed bladder sit.  These foam cradles/baths are then surrounded by as base outside cover and a zip on/off, lambs wool and quilted tops. You can also have two tops for the same base cover.


basic foam well for waterbed Brisbane

Below is a budget foam surround completely wrapped in calico with no insulating foam base which results in more heat loss than the foam based ones. Waterbeds in this range are designed for the budget conscious customers. Queen and King softsider waterbeds in this range usually start from $795 and $895. Built for a price.

Main Stream foam cradle/baths

main stream foam bath for waterbed Gold Coast foam well for waterbed closeup
Main stream foam cradle/baths have a foam side attached to a foam base for heat insulation and structure support. Foam used can be basic to good quality. Under pressure for better pricing we developed our standard version, shown, of a foam bath with good quality sides and basic foam base and ends. We found it important to improve foam where people get in and out of bed, extending longevity with little added cost. There are many different versions and ideas of the standard cradle/foam baths from different companies.

The Deluxe foam cradle/foam bath

Dreamlover Waterbed World has been in waterbeds for over 26yrs. Having a showroom in Brisbane displaying only waterbeds we developed the Dreamaster 2500 GC.

Over the decades we listened to waterbed users in the showroom and with infield servicing, and noted their experiences, and then we followed it up by developed this foam cradle/bath to address the customers experiences in Quality and Comfort.

This foam bath/cradle was designed and developed By Dreamlover Waterbed World and is therefore only available through us.

  1. Higher quality foam structure for longevity. The Dreamaster 2500 GC will last decades. All you have to do is change the  waterbed bladder and liner periodically and perhaps the wool, quilted or our new development, The Comfort Top. Don't forget the waterbed treatment. You can order a extra lambs wool and/or quilted top. It is also possible to have a lambs wool and quilted cover for the same bed, or two lambs wool tops for example.
  2. The Dreamaster 2500 GC has superb insulation compared to the other versions.
  3. Waterbed customers come in all different shapes and sizes. There are many who will touch bottom when asleep. Getting in and out of bed you may touch bottom, but this should not be the case when sleeping but many do. Customer feedback has given The Dreamaster 2500 GC the thumbs up. The Dreamaster 2500 GC is a excellent bed for those who are considering of going from of timber frame waterbeds to soft sider waterbeds
  4. Extra protection is needed where the bladder  side meets the cradle/foam bath top. The Dreamaster 2500 GC  gives extra protection of the waterbed bladder all around  including the main wear points where you get in a out of bed.
  5. We have found that the extra protection also has wave reducing qualities so you will most likely need a bladder with less wave reducing baffles.
  6. Dreamlover Waterbed World found it very important to keep current waterbed bladder dimensions  so  replacements are easy and hassle free down the track.
  7. Do I sleep on one?   You betya! I know it the next day when I don't.

So,  phone for a specialist appointment today, on 1300 55 60 66.  (see shop hours) See the different foam cradles/baths available on display for you to evaluate.  Over 95% buy our Dreamaster 2500 GC for a very good reason.

The 2500 GC is available in different wave reducing levels, twin systems and more.  We even have one on castors and yes it does move!

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