Foam Baths

Foam baths come in a number of different density of foams.

Yellow details

Low density

Green details

Medium density

Blue/Gray details


Pink details

Extra firm

Black details


Red details

Fire Retardant

Bright Pink details

Premium Pink

Special Features

Slat Bed frame details


Gap Cover details


Rounded Corners details


After 10 years details

The Dreamaster 2500GC details 

Dreamaster Top Section Assembly  
Side Protection  


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Pink - Extra Firm


This is a foam bath with high density side support for those who need support to get into and out of bed like a timber frame waterbed.

Here you will get the advantages of the timber side support and have a soft sider as well

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Blue/Gray - Firm (showing rounded corners)


This foam bath is a very deep well that is designed to the sleeper to sink into the bladder more so than the conventional foam baths. This is a good option for those who liked timber frame waterbeds and want the same in a soft sider bed. This type of hi-profile bath can eliminate the need to alter the timber base and get a higher bed at the same time.




Our blue foam bath is the best yet. Is is 5 qualities up from the base level design which is common in the waterbed industry. To my knowledge there is no one who generally sells this quality foam bath. It will last for decades with consistent side support


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Green - Medium

This green foam bath is used by only a few. We usually prefer to upgrade customers to the green medium density foam bath for greater longevity. Good side support


Rather than straight vertical corner join, the best cut is oblique as shown. This design handles corner stresses better

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Yellow - Medium



This yellow foam bath is one up from the basic. The only difference is that this bath has a low density yellow foam base for extra insulation and better support for the sides. A few of these are sold on the waterbed market today, some with different depths. There are also some that do not have a fabric support on the bottom. Without a fabric support these baths will spread out of shape in several years


This is just about as basic as soft sider waterbed foam bath can come. No foam on the bottom so there is less insulation and therefore more energy to run. With low density foam side support the life of foam baths like this is about 8-10yrs


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Bright Pink - Premium Foam

This is a premium foam bath made from fire retardant foam.

Note that the foam bath ends are wider than the sides.

 One reason is to extend the bed length and still use standard waterbed bladder sizes so down the track, there are no special sizes to consider,
 Another reason is when beds from overseas sometimes have special sizes like this one from Germany, that required extending the ends by 14mm to fit inside the canopy four poster.
The bladders that came with the bed also needed to be replaced to the Australian size.

 Dreamlover custom development team.



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Foam bath on a timber slat frame

This is a solid foam bath created by Dreamlover to sit on top of a slat base bed. The foam base is a high density capable o bridging the slat gaps and still easy to make. This avoids the need to use deck sheets.

A slat base frame may have problems supporting the weight of a waterbed so again we devised a Dreamlover first, by creating a Spider to support the heaviest part of the waterbed, the middle


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Gap Cover Foam Bath



This is what we call the gap cover foam bath. The bladder sits just under the lip removing the gap between the foam bath and the bladder. This model is designed by Dreamlover waterbeds in extra firm blue


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The Dreamaster 2500GC



LOCALLY MADE WATERBEDSThis is a innovative development of Dreamaster Waterbed World. Designed to protect the bladder sides, especially where you get in and out of bed. extra stabilising of the bladder so people of different weights sleep more evenly with a one bladder system. Superb insulation for power saving so the extra will come back as power savings and the cradle will last decades.
More support where you get in and out of bed and much-much more!

Check it out in our showroom!

Contact us for further enquiries

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Side Protection for the Dreamaster 2500GC

Dreamlover Waterbed World Innovation

In the image we have zipped off the wool top and pulled the bladder and liner back for demo purposes.

These foam cradles are the basis of softsider waterbeds. In the cradle lies the heater, liner and waterbed bladder. This is then surrounded by a lower cover and after that a Lambswool or quilted top is zipped on. Where getting in and out of bed the foam gives way as well as the waterbed bladder.

This is a major wear area.

People also tend to sit on the sides as well. To combat this side wear area and give a lot more protection where the waterbed bladder meets the foam side, Dreamlover Waterbed World has innovated a protection strip all the way around the foam cradle. The waterbed bladder sits under this protection strip giving a lot more protection and hence longevity.

So, not sitting on the side of your waterbed is not a major issue anymore

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Cheap Foam Baths


When pricing is a issue, manufacturers can start taking short cuts to be competitive which is understandable. But this also compromises product longevity. At Dreamlover Waterbed World we have a COMPARE and CONTRAST corner so you can compare foam baths. Foam baths/cradles need to keep shape and support for the internal waterbed bladder. This is where you get in and out of bed, day after day, year after year.



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Cheap Foam Baths after 10 years





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