Change Your Slat Bed to a Modern Comfortable Waterbed

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Yes!! Check it out! With a little extra support under the slats available from us, this slat bed is now a waterbed.

A Dreamaster 2500GC Soft sider waterbeds are the same size as regular beds so you can use fitted sheets and your regular bedding

  • Available in soft, medium, firm, extra firm and hard sleeping surfaces
  • Available in budget and deluxe models on show in our showroom
  • Warm in Winter and cool in Summer
  • No timber on the sides like the old timber waterbeds
  • Also available in duet systems so you can:
    • Dial your own temperature for each side ie. Cool on one side and warm on the other.
    • Have different sleeping surfaces. Firm on one side, soft on the other for example.
Turn a slat frame bed into a waterbed


Use Your Existing Bed

Use your existing timber frame slat bed as the basis for your New Waterbed.

Have a Duet waterbed mattress
 - the 2 in 1 mattress giving:

  • Set individual temperature
  • Have individual firmness.


What other bed has this?


Regular frame bed converted to waterbed


The Converted Bed - Soft sided Waterbed

The finished waterbed looks just like the original.

The weight is supported by a just-visible pedestal base.


Click to see another converted waterbed


Please note that we did not supply the bed timberwork. We replaced the existing mattress with a Dreamaster.

How would you like to convert your bed to our Dreamaster System?

Over 9 out of 10 customers who visit our showroom, buy our Dreamaster System, They see the difference between the budget and standard versions; currently available on show for you to compare.

Dreamaster is exclusively developed and only available at Dreamlover Waterbed World.

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How do we convert your bed link this to?

This link [how we do it] shows a basic format on how we convert a slat base bed to a ensemble waterbed.

Draws etc depend on side rail widths and bed heights. We custom build. [Enquiry Form]