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Waterbed Specialist Showroom

The world of custom built waterbeds.

All beds on display are waterbeds. map

Dreamlover Waterbeds a 100% Australian owned business since 1989, is a display outlet where you can come in a lie on waterbeds to ensure you select the correct bed for you and Big George The Waterbed Doctor is the longest professional infield service operator in the Brisbane area repairing, installing waterbeds since 1989 who has since expanded to cover all areas in south east Queensland and northern NSW.

Dreamlover endeavours to use Australian products wherever possible depending on standards. We are an expert waterbed shop with one of the best displays in Queensland.

As we are independent, we source the best products from a wide range to get the maximum in quality and reliability. Dreamlover has it's own workshop where we produce all our soft sider and timber frame waterbeds in Jimboomba with the factory outlet at Chermside Brisbane.

Dreamlover has also expanded to incorporate quality-imported bedroom and household furniture at bargain prices of, which only some is displayed in our outlet but most is internet based. We also sell innerspring and latex mattresses, while growing our already extensive range of waterbeds in our showroom.





  • We believe in more waterbeds, more combinations, more ideas for you, more choices for you
  • We are always adding / altering the showroom with new products and ideas, so we are not a static waterbed business. We are open minded to change and development.
  • We have a showroom for you to find the right waterbed for you. Our products are different and please do not compare us. We also recognise people are different, so the a wider range of choices the beneficial. Some people like softness for their back other a very hard mattress so it’s a individual need.. We can accommodate the differences, that is what we are about, adapting to your needs. It is for you that we exist so we got to get it right.
  • There are some who imply they have a showroom. Some will even avoid the question if you try to ask how many beds they have set up. We have a showroom so you can shop wisely so you can choose the best one for your needs. You have to spend 7 to 8 hours a night on it, 365 days a year so get the shop with the widest selection. It is in your interest. Trying a waterbed in a one or two bed shop, will very likely  give you wrong impressions of waterbeds in general . Imagine if there were two versions of one car available..
  • For those interested in new waterbeds it would be ideal to have a look and feel the comfort of a wide variety of combinations


Pre-assembly check at our Jimboomba factory of a dismountable ensemble base. One of the base options we manufacture.

Dreamlover Manufactures

  • Timber frame Waterbeds We only display one timber frame waterbed due to the popularity of soft siders. To look for a timber frame and upholstered timber frame see our internet gallery for complete units and headboard ideas where we can make any of those for a timber frame waterbed. Any soft sided wrap around can also be made to timber frames. Mattresses for timber frames can be selected from the waterbed mattress section.
  • Soft sider waterbeds Soft sider waterbeds are very popular and there is a large combination available. Our display is primarily soft siders waterbeds and the very popular duet systems
  • Dreamlover is the home of Aquablue , a waterbed/gel bed combination that does not require a heater
  • Dreamlover manufactures gel beds - an innovation in bedding
  • Dreamlover also produces it's own waveless waterbed mattresses as well as other brands so you have a wide choice of waterbed mattresses to choose from in quality and performance
  • Dreamlover listens and learns. Over the many years waterbed customers ask " Why don't they do this or that?" We can custom design products to suit your requirements. New products for existing beds appear mainly in the parts/options section
  • Headboards in the headboard section can be produced as a headboard, headboard/foot board, headboard/footboard/side rails and slats if so desired.
  • Waterbed heaters are in the heaters section. We have made a comprehensive page with a lot of information from box sizes and weight if you want to send overseas, how to operate the heaters and trouble shooting if you get stuck
  • Onsite servicing of waterbeds in SE Queensland
  • Dreamlover Waterbeds also sell a range of furniture direct online from warehouse to your door. No middle man, no fancy overheads and you get super prices as we don't need floor space either. This range will increase over time. We also conduct furniture discounts with our beds from time to time.

This site is about honesty and is aimed to be very comprehensive and informative correcting many stray ideas spread by the medical and competitors in alternative bedding.


Dreamlover is about fair prices of a good product. Our overheads are low because we do not pay for any fancy overheads. As waterbeds is not a large market we keep shop hours to a minimum. This and other savings is passed on to you the customer and maintaining our volume sales.

There are many advertising waterbeds but you need to ask how many do they have on display before you go there.
Our shop is not open all day so please check opening times.
This enables our prices to be lower than anyone else without sacrificing quality.

Dreamlover Waterbeds ship waterbeds and waterbed products across Australia and overseas as well.
Our service division deliver and set up waterbeds directly, as far north as Harvey Bay, south to Ballina and as far west as Texas.

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