Duet for Timber - Say no to The Crack!

Soft sider duet sales in our new beds represent about 35% of our sales. They are very popular as one can have hard and the other side soft and regulate individual temperatures.

Duet timber frame waterbeds have not been very popular due to the fact of dipping in the center where the two bladders sit. We like so many other waterbed operators have looked at this system negatively.


As soft sider waterbeds have a fitted cover, duets middle gaps are hardly, if at all, felt. Our introduction of the timber frame zip on/off cover [more...] has changed that so disappearing down the middle between the bladders is eliminated like that of the popular soft sider waterbed duet systems.

So if you love your timber frame waterbed and want the advantages of duet sleeping system where each can have their own sleeping tempertature and each person can have own soft to extra hard comfort level and not have the disadvantages of a center gap then RING US ! for a quote

Cover zips on and off

zip off top
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