Softsider-timber frame waterbed combination

Softsider-timber frame waterbed combinationAs far as we know, Dreamlover has another first in waterbed innovation by developing a softsider top section to ideally fit into a timber frame waterbed.

This top section allows space on each side to make the bed which would normally not be available with normal width softsiders tops.

As a normal softsider has a length of 2020mm and a timber frame waterbed has a normal length of 2130mm the would be a visible gap at the top and bottom.

Here Dreamlover has lengthened the soft sider to fill in most of this gap, leaving enough space again to make the bed.

Then as a timber frame is normally 225mm  deep in the inside where the timber frame bladder sits, we have raised the soft sider to 250mm, so it raised on the inside making it easier to get in and out of the bed, which the soft sider is renown for.  

There are many customers out there who love timber frame waterbeds and some find it a pain to get in and out over the timber so there are two main solutions

Dreamlover can take sides away to modify and respray the sides or respray the complete bed if needed.

We have also made sure that standard size softsider bladders will still fit when it is time to replace the bladder down the track - so no special sizes needed.

As for new timber frame and soft sider combinations, we also make new ones with this design as well.



Dreamlover Innovation Team taking waterbeds further