Individual Comfort with Duet Soft Sider

Important Information for your Comfort

It is about time you more informed...

1. Wedge type thermal divider is good but is like a firm ridge in the center of the bed
2. Inverted T design. Hardly know it is there but does collapse over time and thermal qualities are lost
3. Dreamlover designed this concave 'T' thermal divider version. This design is more resistant to collapse and is hardly felt. Designed and manufactured by Dreamlover

*Please note that the wedge system is not interchangeable with the 'T' divider system.
If you are considering going from a one bladder system to a duet, please ring 0429 0429 88 for over the phone advice or better yet visit our showroom where we have a King duet system set up. They behave different to the full bladder system due to the fact that water is contained to one side only and does not travel to the other side

Duet or Twin systems are a still a favourite to our customers for decades. We encourage customers to roll around in our showroom beds as long as needed.


  • Little or no disturbance to your partner as water travel is contained
  • Change water level for individual comfort ie one can have soft and the other hard lumbar support
  • Have different individual baffled comfort levels
  • Each side has it's own heater, so dial your own setting
  • This waterbed system can also be fitted into you current slat bed see. Convert Your Inner Spring

Duet Wedge Thermal Divider

Duet inverted T thermal divider

Dreamlover concave design

Duet Wedge Thermal Divider

ed T thermal divider

ver concave design

Wedge Divider
Proper fitting matress
Duet Divider

Although the concave worked fairly well. It was still sinking to some degree.
So we developed a new divider called the "T concave divider".
After using this system for a year, we are impressed with the performance. This divider has surpassed the original concave design.

Waterbed world development team

Movement across to partner is greatly reduced