Transport and Cartage

Dreamlover Uses 1st Fleet to move our beds, bladders and other bulky orders across Australia.

Dreamlover uses Australia Post for smaller items

In the unfortunate situation where goods are damaged, contact Dreamlover 07 1300 55 60 66. We can respond faster than going through regular insurance companies where a claim has to be filed with waiting periods for approval.

Where is it now? Track your bed or parcel
First Fleet Transport


We received notice of the bed arrival on Thursday evening when we got home after work at 6pm.
Being the start of an extra long weekend it was very fortunate that the courier is 400 meters up the road and I was still able to go around and collect it. It would have killed me having to wait till Wednesday to be able to assemble I even took the day off to set it up. Over 30 years together and only the last 4 without a water bed. We never got used to our very expensive ensaumble, we just 'tollerated" it. It's now at Vinnies :-)
In all honesty, I never expected to receive the bed so soon. In Isa, even over night post is 3 days at least. Enjoying the new bed very much already and also very much appreciated the great service that Janice provided. Some one should marry that girl.

Many thanks
Shane & Dee