HAVE A LOOK! The Dreamaster Executive Twin base Ensemble on H/D castorsMade here in SE Queensland

Featuring superb Quality and Comfort. Customise your Height, Fabric, Draws, Straight on floor or H/D Castors, Velour or Quilted sides and more. Details below  Shop Hours

Built to LAST!

Quality materials

Available in Duet/Twin or one bladder systems, ranging from Soft to Hard with or without lumbar support.

The Executive 2500GC is built in S.E. Qld in our workshop from local timbers and foam suppliers.

Featuring superb quality and comfort. The proof is in the pudding. Nine out of ten who try, will choose to purchase our Dreamaster system.

Customer after first night, "Slept like a baby. I think I did 10 hours."

Dreamaster is uniquely and exclusively designed and developed by Dreamlover Waterbed World.

The features are many and varied, so we encourage enquiries unique for you!

Come in, and experience, feel and consider the latest modern waterbed design. A new waterbed design is well overdue.

We have been in waterbeds for over quarter of a century and seen many cost cutting ideas. As well as catering for budget market we also found a Foam bath is well insulated on sides and bottom for more power saving!

  • Quality upholstery outer
  • Solid Pine Drawers on Runners [Also available on extended runners]
  • 12 Solid heavy-duty castors
  • Solid construction

Solid construction waterbed
Photo taken during construction in our local factory

Compare quality with Budget model (also available)

budget waterbed Brisbane