Information Accuracy

Movement range times were done by time piece, movement created by a sharp push in one corner and wait to when the bed wave motion was difficult to visually detect. Mattresses are filled flat from side to side with a small curve near the sides Times will obviously differ between

  • King timber frame v's Queen timber timber frame
  • King timber v's queen soft sider
  • King timber to Double soft sider etc. etc.
    as a result of water volume, size, shape and depth, altering each mattresses wave reducing and support characteristics. So we have designed these pages compare same/similar performances between the many sizes, shapes of wave reducing mattresses. For example, if you have a king timber of performance X, and you are happy with it, and want the same performance in a queen soft sider bed you may be considering to buy, these pages will guide you to the same performance with good accuracy. For example if you have a queen timber frame waterbed and want a king soft sider a little firmer than what you have, these pages will guide you to the same performance, again with good accuracy.

    T.E.P. = Total Effective Performance

    It is generally accepted in the waterbed industry that a

  • 2 layer is a medium 2 x 500 = 1000 TEP
  • 3 layer is a firm 3 x 500 = 1500 TEP
  • 4 layer is extra firm 4 x 500 = 2000 TEP
  • 5 layer is hard 5 x 500 = 2500 TEP

    This is a blanket overall hidden rule. The above rule applies from a King timber to a small soft sider single with performance a wide as the earth. This guide needs to be fine tuned to allow for size, volume, depth and other variables. This site will increase accuracy by taking all these variables into consideration.

    Also there are products out there that are marked for example:
    3 layer is firm 3 x 300 = 900 TEP being less than the 2 layer is a medium 2 x 500 = 1000 TEP

    The 3 x 300 firm has less support and wave reducing ability than the 2 x 500 medium with less than the general accepted rule with according less performance.

    Some retailers have different rules again. A say this, B says that, C says I am right. How can you the consumer compare? That is why we introduced TEP as a overall standard.

    It is not how many baffles but it is the total or TEP what counts. Also See TEP

    Looking at this site you can find how different mattress internal baffles are, and compare them and understand different products. This site does not compare baffles with finger foam tops, in minority compared to wide spread dacron fibre baffle types.

    These pages have in the main have stuck to the general accepted rule, however in soft sider foam baths with 25mm insulating foam bases there is a departure to the rule as the foam base reduces mattress height altering waterbed mattress performance. This mattress site has made these adjustments accordingly so when you read related descriptions and performances in these pages all the confusion has been accounted for and you can relax and go shopping. That is what this site is all about.

    When purchasing a soft sided waterbed from Dreamlover Waterbeds, please note that we supply foam baths with insulating foam bases, so when purchasing a new bed off us descriptions in these mattress pages are quite accurate.

    When purchasing a new mattress for your existing soft sider waterbed check your foam bath if it is a deep or shallow well. There is a notable difference in performance. Don't worry, this mattress site has taken this into account will guide you with accuracy that no other site can.

    These mattress pages have been researched extensively to be accurate as possible to be fair to our products and products we sell from other manufacturers.

    If any information is inaccurate please let us know. We will check the validity and if found correct will be altered/modified accordingly.

    If you don't want to be bored with details and just want to get on with it, go to the basic pages where our products are listed and described

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