Warranties : What are they worth?

The basic idea is not to have anything go wrong as it reflects on the retailer and manufacturer, but being human, there are some occasions that something can go wrong. If the unfortunate situation arises, where do you the consumer stand, in relation to having the problem resolved.

 A  In general warranties for waterbed mattresses are on the mattress only. It is not a onsite warranty Generally to claim a warranty the mattress must be sent back to the manufacturer for assessment, sometimes interstate. The manufacturer has the option to repair or replace.
The customer will have to empty all the water out of the mattress and pack it.
Then the customer will have to take it to a shipping agent.
Only sometimes does the manufacturer will bear some or all of the transport cost
Then you are out of that bed for a week or two
Assessment to be approved or not approved
When a new one arrives, you collect it and install it
If you choose to have the mattress repaired on a seam even under warranty for example, the customer normally pays the full service call
If you get a professional to do the above it can cost more than the mattress itself

Case: Booval QLD Mattress purchased off a competitor of ours. The mattress was one year old. He would charge her $88 to empty the mattress and she would have to pay the interstate cartage. There was no mention of return cartage and reinstall charges. The mattress only cost her $110. We ended up repairing it for her on a corner

 B  Warranties usually do not mention the internal baffles as part of the warranty.

 C  Warranties include seams and workmanship [of seams].

 D  Applies to the original purchaser

 E  Conditions like
Satisfactory containment frame or foam bath
Satisfactory liner
Use heater that conforms Australian standards
Temperature kept above 25 degrees C
Proper strength conditioner

 F  Proof of purchase ie receipt


We have been copied many times. We have introduced another first...

The Dreamlover Smart warranty only covers mattresses produced by Dreamlover . Dreamlover Waterbeds does not on sell or wholesale their Mattress product to any other competitor or service operator.

The corners of Dreamlover mattresses are REINFORCED for reliability Dreamlover Mattresses is a product of Dreamlover Waterbeds.

Dreamlover Ovation Mattresses have a 5 year pro-rata warranty subject to the same conditions in part 1 [one], above , except ;
The smart warranty advantage
Dreamlover Ovation warranty is free onsite for the first three years for repairs or replacement, but travel charges are charged to the location.
We understand the difficulty of emptying and filling a mattress

Between three [3] and five [5] years a pro rata is charged for onsite warranty replacement or repairs.
Replacement mattress value between three [3] and four [4] years is 50% paid by customer and 50% Dreamlover
Replacement mattress value between four [4] and five [5] years is 75% paid by customer and 25% Dreamlover
The replacement mattress value is based on original purchase price, not RRP [Recommended Retail Price]

The Dreamlover Ovation has a no document warranty as it is only sold by Dreamlover. Warranties can be assessed by phone as all required information is on the valve tag which must be attached. Then warranty will be fully assessed/confirmed onsite.

    Information tag has
  1. Date of purchase
  2. 24hr phone line help number
  3. Web site address
  4. Warranty period

Three years for our basic Dreamlover series 3 model and five year pro-rata for the Dreamlover Ovation.

Warranty can be assessed on site. No emptying, packing, carting and waiting for local areas. Special considerations are in place for remote customers

Dreamlover Ovation warranty is transferable.

Like all brands, Dreamlover has the option to replace or repair the mattress.

Unlike other mattresses Dreamlover Ovation wave reducing baffles are covered against breaking up for three [3] years, under general usage.

Repairs within the warranty period when the mattress bought into our collection points in Brisbane North, Logan and Sydney is free of charge.

Dreamlover Waterbeds